Funder: Gobierno Vasco
edit_calendar Duration: from 01 January 2022 to 31 December 2025 (48 months) Current
euro 227,000.00 EUR

Of Regional scope. With a Public character. It has been granted under a regime of Competitive.

Call: Ikertalde (Gobierno Vasco)


Publications related to the project

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  1. Perspective of research on diffusion: From microgravity to space exploration

    International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer

  2. Effect of liner thermal properties and liner pre-cooling on the thermal management of fast-filling of hydrogen tanks

    International Journal of Hydrogen Energy

  3. Evolution of the European offshore renewable energy resource under multiple climate change scenarios and forecasting horizons via CMIP6

    Energy Conversion and Management

  4. Techno-economic assessment of far-offshore hydrogen-carrying energy vectors off the Iberian Peninsula

    Energy Conversion and Management

  5. A hybrid 1D-CFD numerical framework for the thermofluidic assessment and design of PEM fuel cell and electrolysers

    International Journal of Hydrogen Energy

  6. Influence of nanoparticles morphology in magnetic fluids

    Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials

  7. Non-invasive Thermohydrodynamic Approach for Fast Cell Manipulation at the Microscale

    Biochip Journal

  8. The effect of small perturbation on dynamics of absorptive LiBr-water solution

    Physics of Fluids

  9. Thermodiffusion, diffusion and Soret coefficients of binary polymeric mixtures in toluene and cyclohexane

    Journal of Non-Equilibrium Thermodynamics

  10. Benchmarking of spectral methods for fatigue assessment of mooring systems and dynamic cables in offshore renewable energy technologies

    Ocean Engineering

  11. End-over-end (EoE) rotation of toroidal cans: An experimentally validated mathematical modelling study

    Innovative Food Science and Emerging Technologies


  1. The Measurement of Soret and Thermodiffusion Coefficients in Binary and Ternary Liquid Mixtures

    International Journal of Thermophysics

  2. Bias correction techniques for uncertainty reduction of long-term metocean data for ocean renewable energy systems

    Renewable Energy

  3. Design and 3D printing of an electrochemical sensor for Listeria monocytogenes detection based on loop mediated isothermal amplification


  4. Impact of turbulence and blade surface degradation on the annual energy production of small-scale wind turbines

    Wind Energy

  5. Physicochemical characterization of hydrophobic type III and type V deep eutectic solvents based on carboxylic acids

    Journal of Molecular Liquids

  6. Synthesis and Characterization of Highly Deformable Multilayer Magnetoactive Elastomers with Magnetically Soft Particles

    Advanced Engineering Materials

  7. A holistic optimization tool for the design of power take-off systems in realistic wave climates: The Wells turbine case

    Ocean Engineering

  8. Effect of heat transfer through an interface on convective melting dynamics of phase change materials

    Journal of Fluid Mechanics

  9. On the Definition of a Comprehensive Technology-Informed Accessibility Metric for Offshore Renewable Energy Site Selection

    Journal of Marine Science and Engineering

  10. A proper orthogonal decomposition analysis upon aerodynamic structures under clean and rough conditions

    Physics of Fluids

  11. Ternary Multifunctional Composites with Magnetorheological Actuation and Piezoresistive Sensing Response

    ACS Applied Electronic Materials

  12. Evaluación probabilística del vidrio templado basada en simulación multifísica avanzada de proceso y desempeño

    Revista española de mecánica de la fractura

  13. Holistic and dynamic mathematical model for the assessment of offshore green hydrogen generation and electrolyser design optimisation

    Energy Conversion and Management

  14. Measurement of Diffusion of Atmospheric Gases in a Liquid Perfluoro Compound by Means of an Optical Technique

    Journal of Physical Chemistry B

  15. Oscillatory instability caused by the interplay of Soret effect and cross-diffusion

    Physics of Fluids

  16. The “Effect of Marangoni Convection on Heat Transfer in Phase Change Materials” experiment

    Acta Astronautica